Team Gear and Apparel

2018 Gear and Apparel and Gator Gear Day: SUNDAY, May 6 12:30 to 2:30pm Open house/Drop in

Required gear for swimmers:

1.  GOGGLES. Swimmers must provide their own goggles. Swimmers need to bring goggles to all practices and to meets. It's advantageous to have a back-up pair.

2.  SWIM CAP. Swim caps are required for both practice and meets. ONLY CGST CAPS ARE ALLOWED AT SWIM MEETS. Latex CGST caps are provided free of charge. You can purchase a silicone CGST cap if preferred. Or, personalized CGST caps (with your last name on side of cap) can be ordered. See below.

3.  SWIM SUIT (Racing suit). Please note, team suit is NOT required, though many swimmers do enjoy purchasing the team suit. If you have never purchased a racing suit, it is highly recommended that you try one on first and ask Freestyle for advice on fit. Competition suits are very slim fitting. If you do not opt to buy a team suit, we recommend a black or navy blue suit for meets.


Gator Gear Day: Sunday May 6th at the Crozet YMCA from 12:30-2:30.  

During Gear Day, we will have suits you can try on and purchase. A team suit is not required, but many swimmers like to purchase one. This year we are continuing with the same color and design of last year's suit. 
However, we did receive some feedback from families who used the team suit as a daily suit that it did not wear as well as they had anticipated.  In order to accommodate the families, we are opting to continue to sell the same suit that we sold last year, but also sell another version of the suit in an "endurance" model.  The suit from last year should be the same price as it was previously.  The "endurance" model suit will be a bit more expensive, but should have a bit more life to it.  You can try on both versions of the suit and see which suit is best for your swimmer.  Freestyle will then place an order for our team and have the suits at the store for you to pick up. If you cannot come to Gator Gear Day, but you want a team suit, you can visit Freestyle at 475 Westfield Rd in Charlottesville at anytime. 
We are also planning to have Freestyle come with some discounted practice suits you can buy at Gear Day.
Freestyle did mention that no matter what suit you purchase, you can expect significant wear and fading by the end of the summer, if your swimmer wears it daily.  This is true of both less expensive suits and the elite racing suits. 
During Gear Day we will have your free swimmer t-shirt available for pickup. Latex caps are available for any swimmer that needs one. We will be selling parent tees, trucker hats, silicone caps, and towels!! All Gator Gear is first-come, first-served. We placed orders in an attempt to best meet the needs of the team, but it is possible we will run out of specific sizes. So please keep this in mind as you plan to pick up your gear!
We will be taking checks and cash if you'd like to purchase gear or caps. Thank you! 
Other Important Dates- 
If you are unable to make it to Gator Gear Day, we will be handing out swimmer shirts and selling adult shirts and hats on these days:
- May 21st at all practices
- At the Mock Meet on June 2
- June 12th at all practices
Please note that our first meet is not a home meet and so we will be unable to sell Gator Gear at the first meet of the season.  So be sure to purchase gear prior to that meet if you would like!
After June 12th Gator Gear will no longer be available for purchase at practices.  
Can't wait to see you all on the pool deck!
Katie & Courtney
CGST Gear Coordinators




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