Meet Duty Volunteer Positions

Here are the ways you can best help. (Typically, 8&U parents can work first half of meets). 

1. Timer

There are 3 timers assigned to each lane in a meet. Timers should work together to verify swimmers are in the right heat and lane, and entering the times on the event card. This is a good position for new volunteers and allows a good view of the swimmers.

2. Clerk of Course

All swimmers report to the Clerk of Course (where the benches are) to line up for their races. Clerks hand out the time cards to swimmers and help them find their designated spot on the bench. If you enjoy being in the "thick of things" this is the job for you.  Clerks are close to the pool deck and can easily step away to watch their swimmers compete.

3. Runner

Runners collect the event cards from the timers after each event, along with DQ cards and sweep judge cards and "run" them to the table workers. There will be a minimum of 3 people working this position at one time to establish a "team" of runners who can work together. This is a great position for people who like to be "on the move".

4. Concessions

Concession volunteers sell food and beverages during the meet and restock items as needed. If you can count back change and hand out food, you can work this position. Generally, the two shifts run 5-8 (so first half workers start before meet starts) and 8-10pm.

5. Table Worker

Table workers are assigned one of 3 duties: Sorter, Checker or Awards. Sorters organize the cards by event and then submits the time cards to the Computer Operator for entry. The Checker is responsible for making sure official times on the cards match the final results printed. The Awards volunteer puts identifying result labels on the back of the corresponding ribbons. This is a great job for people who prefer to "sit" on the job. Table workers are able to leave the table to watch their swimmers compete.

6. Clean up

Clean-up crew return all benches, ropes, etc. to the shed, help pick up trash and other items left behind by swimmers and their families, break down tables, secure all gates, and make sure the pool is presentable for pool patrons the next day. If you are a night owl, this is an ideal job that allows you to sit back and enjoy the meet, doing your work toward the end. Meets typically end around 9:30/10pm, 10:30pm if there are weather delays.

7. Ribbons (second half only)

The ribbons volunteer is the awards volunteer at the table, putting identifying labels provided by the computer operator to the corresponding ribbons. This volunteer does not report to their job until later in the evening and has more flexibility to leave the table to watch swimmers compete. However, this volunteer needs to stay until all ribbons have been completed.

8. Sweep Judges

These volunteers record the order in which swimmers finish their event. Sweep judges work in pairs. These results are used to help the table workers determine results if there is a problem with the time cards. You get a front row seat at the finish line with this position.


Returning experienced volunteer? Interested in getting more involved?

9. Stroke and Turn Judge

Must have knowledge of the 4 strokes, be willing to attend a 2 hour training clinic, and be comfortable disqualifying swimmers when appropriate. You have the best position on deck to watch the swimming. We are always in need of additional stroke and turn judges, so if this is something you are interested in, training sessions.

10. Starter

The starter is equipped with a starter system, light horn, and megaphone. Starters start each event, call swimmers to the clerk and make any other necessary announcements. First time starters are required to attend a 2 hour training session which will be posted on the JSL website under "support" and "officials".

11. Head Clerk of Course

Head Clerk of Course needs to have experience with the assistant clerk position. Head clerks make sure all the event cards are prepared for home meets for both teams, and provide needed supplies to guest team. At home meets, head clerks are responsible for sending seated swimmers to the blocks, organizing junior coaches in assisting the youngest swimmers to the blocks, informing the starter of events that swimmers need to report to the clerk of course, and making changes to event cards when appropriate. Head clerk positions at away meets consist of collecting event cards from the home team, making sure CGST assistant clerks are in position with event cards, and making themselves available to the home team head clerk regarding any changes that might need to be made to event cards  Please consider training with a head clerk if you have assistant clerk experience and enjoy working in this area.

12. Head Timer

The head timer gives instructions, assigns lanes, hands out watches, clipboards and pencils to each timer prior to the start of the meet. During the meet, the head timer starts two backup watches at the beginning of every event, in case a timer missed the start and is in need of a watch. Head timers need to have timer experience and be comfortable in giving instructions to a group.


13. Head Table Worker

Needs to be familiar with all functions at the table (sorter, checker, awards). Head of Table helps set up the table area for home meets only. The head of table oversees the functions at the table, answers questions and deals with any problems that may arise with the event cards. If you have worked the table for a couple years, this would be a great position to train in, giving you more flexibility at meets. The Head Table Worker is not responsible for "heading" at away meets although some teams appreciate the assistance if needed. Please consider training with one of our skilled head table workers.


Specialty jobs are important too! We need just a few of the following:

14. Set-up

The set-up crew ropes off the pool area, sets up clerk of course benches, chairs and tables for table workers, gets all necessary tubs from the shed in preparation for the meet, puts up flags, makes sure pool entrance is clear of unnecessary items and side gate is unlocked. Set-up crew must arrive by 3:00.  This is very limited in number.

15. Hospitality

Hospitality volunteers deliver food and refreshments to coaches prior to the start of the meet and refreshment to all volunteers during the meet. They also sell heat sheets and other items. Note: many volunteers request this position and only a few are needed.

16. Computer Operator/Announcer/Photographer/Sound tech/Parking

These roles are usually pre-assigned, as are exactly as the name describes!

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