Disqualification (DQ)

During a meet, stroke and turn judges make sure an event is completed following the rules of the stroke. Some strokes have few requirements such as freestyle while others have many requirements such as the butterfly and breaststroke.

If a swimmer does not complete an event following these rules, a stroke and turn judge will raise their hand indicating the fault and fill out a DQ card. Following a swim meet, coaches are given copies of the DQ cards. DQ's will also be posted on the results at the pool during the meet. If a swimmer is unsure why he/she DQed in an event, speak with the coach. Do not approach the Stroke and Turn Judges to ask about a disqualification. 

A coach generally will not place a child in the butterfly, breaststroke or IM event until they are relatively sure they can succeed. However, it is not unusual for swimmers to DQ in these events, esp. the first few times they swim them.


Dual meets are scored using the point system. Points awarded in individual events are 7-5-4-3, with no team taking more than 2 scoring positions and any one event. Relay events are scored 10-5, with no team taking more than one scoring position. Six and under swimmers do not score points for the team.


Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 16th place.

Crozet Gators distribute Super Swimmer ribbons to all other swimmers.

Time improvement ribbons are given to swimmers who improved their time in an event from the previous meet. This gives all swimmers the opportunity to receive ribbons. Exhibition swimmers can receive time improvement ribbons, but not a placement or Super Swimmer ribbon. CGST sometimes makes an exception to this rule, esp. if we have an age group with so many swimmers there is always someone forced to swim in exhibition for a second event. No ribbons are awarded for events that were DQ'ed.


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