Exhibition Swimmers

The exhibition swimmer is a swimmer who can swim an event for time ONLY. This swimmer cannot place, score or ribbon via JSL rules in the exhibition event. An exhibition swimmer is designated with an X beside the exhibition event.

There are a number of reasons why a swimmer might swim an event as exhibition: 

Teams are limited by the number of official swimmers they can put in an event at a meet. If a team does not use all their allotted lanes in a heat, the competing team can fill their lanes with exhibition swimmers. (See Schedule of Events under FAQ's for more information on heat limitations.)

If a swimmer was accidentally left off the roster or had a change in plans after the scheduled deadline, the swimmer can fill empty lanes as an exhibition swimmer.

If a swimmer needs a time in an event they haven't had the opportunity to swim, or a swimmer has the allotted number of official events, the swimmer can swim as an exhibition swimmer in an event.

The requirements for all the above:

  • A coach initiates.
  • Space must be available in a heat.
  • It is approved by both meet directors PRIOR to the start of the meet.


  • The coach sent in the names of exhibitions swimmers with the lineup. In this case, an X will be listed next to the event the swimmer is swimming unofficially on the meet listing at the pool.


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