Preparing For a Swim Meet

Prior to a Meet:

CHECK MEET EVENTS. These will be posted on the wall at the Pool on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. Relays are not finalized until the start of the meet so check with the coaches after the warm-up. In general, swimmers will each swim 2 or 3 events, and some (but not all) will swim on a relay. There are limitations to the numbers of swimmers that the coaches can enter, but coaches do their best to be inclusive.

CHECK MEET DUTIES FOR MEET ASSIGNMENTS. Meet duty volunteers need to report to their designated assignment in a timely manner. If a designated volunteer cannot work a schedule meet, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to contact the meet duty coordinator and/or find a replacement. 

What to Bring to a Meet:

  • Swim suit, Cap, Goggles
  • Extra Goggles
  • Lots of Towels
  • Plenty to Drink
  • Warm Clothes (for night hours)
  • Chairs (if you want to sit) and/or tents
  • Dinner or healthy snacks (can also purchase from concession stand)
  • Games/cards to play in between events
  • A safe bag to keep swim team items in (they go missing easily)

During a Meet:

REPORT FOR EVENTS. It is the swimmer's responsibility to report to the Clerk of the Course on time (look for the benches). Parents may need to assist younger swimmers. Events are called regularly over the PA system or the starter system. If your child is unsure, have them check at the Clerk of the Course. Missing an event is no fun for anyone.

REPORT FOR FEEDBACK. Swimmers should report to the coaches after each event for feedback.

VERIFY LATE RELAY STATUS BEFORE LEAVING. It is the responsibility of the swimmer to make sure he/she is not scheduled to swim a late relay. This only applies to swimmers age 9 and over. If a swimmer fails to report for a relay, three other swimmers will be UNABLE to compete.

SPORTSMANSHIP. All swimmers, parents and spectators are expected to behave appropriately and with good sportsmanship at all times. Teams can otherwise be penalized. All pool areas are closed to non-swim team members during meets and are only to be used by swimmers under the direction of the coaching staff.

TEAM SPIRIT. Cheer on your teammates and swimmers, have fun and show lots of team spirit!

NOTE: If a swimmer will NOT be attending a meet, it is the responsibility of the parent or swimmer to inform the coach IN WRITING one week prior to the meet. If a swimmer becomes ill or injured prior to a meet, please send word to the coach (and meet duty coordinator if applicable) through another parent. A swimmer's unexpected absence could affect a relay line-up or free up a space for an exhibition swimmer which needs to be changed BEFORE the start of the meet.


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