Team Gear and Apparel

2019 Gear and Apparel and Gator Gear Day (tentative: MONDAY EVENING, May 13 5:30pm to 7:30pm Open house/Drop-in, at PIEDMONT PLACE (not the Y this year!! 

Required gear for swimmers:

1.  GOGGLES. Swimmers must provide their own goggles. Swimmers need to bring goggles to all practices and to meets. It's advantageous to have a back-up pair.

2.  SWIM CAP. Swim caps are required for both practice and meets. ONLY CGST CAPS ARE ALLOWED AT SWIM MEETS. Latex CGST caps are provided free of charge. You can purchase a silicone CGST cap if preferred. Or, personalized CGST caps (with your last name on side of cap) can be ordered in advance.

3.  SWIM SUIT (Racing suit). Please note, team suit is NOT required, though many swimmers do enjoy purchasing the team suit. If you have never purchased a racing suit, it is highly recommended that you try one on first and ask Freestyle for advice on fit. Competition suits are very slim fitting. If you do not opt to buy a team suit, we recommend a black or navy blue suit for meets.


Gator Gear Day: Monday May 13, 5:30 to 7:30pm at Piedmont Place.  

During Gear Day, we will have suits you can try on and purchase. A team suit is not required, but many swimmers like to purchase one. This year we are continuing with the same color and design of last year's suit. 
Team suit is same as last year, a navy blue Speedo suit embroidered with our logo. If you prefer to get your suit in advance or cannot make Monday May 13, please go to Freestyle (Westfield Rd in Chville) to purchase one. They are very helpful with sizing. If you do not wish to purchase a team suit, we recommend a black, navy blue, or green racing suit, although any racing suit is acceptable.
During Gear Day we will have your free swimmer t-shirt available for pickup. Latex caps are available for any swimmer that needs one. We will be selling parent tees, trucker hats, silicone caps, and towels!! 
We will be taking checks and cash if you'd like to purchase gear or additional caps. Thank you! 
If you are unable to make it to Gator Gear Day, we will be handing out swimmer shirts and selling adult shirts and hats on these days:
- dates TBD, there will be several




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